Other State-Required Information

 Supplemental educational services   13-14 
 Annual School Performance Report 11-12 13-14 
 District Parental Involvement Plan   13-14 
 ACSIP Plan from current and previous year 12-1313-14 
 Uses of NSL funding for current and previous year 12-1313-14 
 Annual District/School Report card (most recent report available) 11-1212-1313-14 
 School Improvement status for each school (most recent report available) 11-1212-1313-14 
 District/School status on any type of distress 12-1313-14 
Distress Plans - What the district is doing to be removed from academic distress, school improvement, or fiscal distress 12-13 13-14 
 Teacher Qualifications for all schools (HQT) 12-13 13-14