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Mountainburg Public School meals provide a healthy and affordable way to make sure your child gets the nutrients that are essential for success in school. 

Studies have shown that kids who eat school meals get more calcium, protein, and vitamins, and less fat and sugar than their classmates who do not eat school meals.

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 To learn about the nutritional needs for you and your family, click on the plate below.

 School meals are based on USDA guidelines that are consistent with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.  Thanks to the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, school meals now include more whole grains, larger fruit servings, and a wider variety of vegetables including: legumes, red/orange (tomatoes/carrots), and dark green (broccoli, romaine). 

 Your child’s health, and well-being is our priority.
Breakfast  Grades K-5 Grades 6-8 Grades 9-12
 Fruits (Cups) 1 daily 1 daily1 daily 
 Grains (Servings) 7-10 weekly 8-10 weekly 9-10 weekly
 Milk (Cups) 1 daily1 daily 1 daily
 Calories (Min-max) 350-500400-450  450-600
 Sat. Fat (% total cal.) <10<10 <10 
 Sodium (mg) <540 <600<640 
 Lunch Grades K-5Grades 6-8  Grades 9-12
 Fruits (Cups) 1/2 daily1/2 daily1 daily
 Vegetables (Cups) 3/4 daily3/4 daily1 daily
 Grains (Servings) 8-9 weekly8-10 weekly10-12 weekly
 Meats/Meat Alt.8-10 weekly9-10 weekly 10-12 weekly
Milk (Cups)  1 daily1 daily1 daily
Calories (Min-Max) 550-650 600-700750-850
 Sat. Fat (% total cal.) <10<10<10
 Sodium (mg) <1230 <1360<1420

For more information about the Nutrition Services at Mountainburg Schools, please contact:
Corette Cogburn, Child Nutrition Director,, 479-369-4224
Amy Mann, Child Nutrition Manager, Mountainburg Elementary,, 479-369-2537
Tracey Coder, Child Nutrition Manager, MMS/MHS,, 479-369-4224
Fax: 479-369-2138